Ask Archangel Michael Telecast – February 2010



  1. Who is AA Michael? What is his purpose? Does he really exist?
  2. What is the Infinity Breath? Is it an Energy gathering meditative exercise?
  3. Is it possible that teenagers are sleeping a lot due to the changes of rewiring. My son appears healthy but says he just needs sleep, and I feel this is ok for him please advise?
  4. I have been trying everything to hear, see intuitively knowing or channeling, to contact my guardian angel and the archangels with no success. I was told by a friend who channels that the angels had been trying to get me to listen to them for at last 15 years. They got my attention by numerous car accident and other really strange things, however, I was never harmed. I have been trying now for at least 3 years to no avail. What is wrong with me?
  5. What is the difference between channeling verbally and in writing? I have been channeling specific entities since last spring, but find writing the connection is stronger. Do you have any suggestions for me?
  6. I am living with severe back pain. Can AAMichael speak to how people with physical challenges best deal with them?
  7. Am wondering if you have been hearing from people that they are having some congestion in their sinuses and having difficulty breathing? I have been experiencing a congested feeling in my nose and sinuses (feels like my nose is clogged) for about a month now. I am thinking that it may be that I am not comfortable in the lower 4th, etc. dimension energies any longer, and it is affecting me this way. I do experience a clearing of the congested feeling when I do my meditation, raise my consciousness to the Alpha state and am trying to keep attuned to that level, but not successful more than 50% of the time. Thank goodness, I have passed through the extreme tired, tired feeling I had a lot of the time last year. I am now asking that my Higher Self and I AM Presence help me to breath easier. Love the ascension process and want to lovingly accept the side affects.
  8. How do we know when we have enough adamantine particles for ourselves and when we can start sharing them. Not knowing how I would know, I have just been setting the intention for it to be that way. Is there another way of knowing?
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