Ask Archangel Michael Telecast – January 2009


  1. I am truly willing but confused about all these different methods. Please, exactly where should I start and where are all these methods like the pyramid, inbreath, etc. all described in one place? Help me to get a start and then actually do it.
  2. Have we hit bottom yet financially as a society ?and how soon can we expect to recover and get on with the greening of our energy sources and job market?
  3. If we all have angels to help us, why do some spirits remain earthbound after death and do not go to the Light? I thought angels assisted with this. Especially with children. Why are there a lot of children ghosts?
  4. Is it possible for anyone to pray for a suicide spirit for the light to come and get them, or does a person absolutely have to be spiritually gifted to do this? Have all the suicide victims I prayed for, gone to the light?
  5. With the ever increasing amount of information available regarding 2012 and ascension, what is the action necessary for us to know at this time. Thank You
  6. Could you address the issue of timing? I have been on a spiritual quest for decades, and yet I don’t seem nearer to discovering my purpose or meeting with my soul family. I continue to seek … this about my personal timing or am I missing something?
  7. This question has two fronts – one – I keep seeing / or others (intuitives I know) /Michael mostly but also Gabriel handing me a staff or sword telling me to pick it up with a message to start my work. I also keep getting a separate message that a person whom I know is supposed to be walking this life path with me and working with me but it isn’t quite happening yet. Any insight would be fabulous – thank you
  8. Who are the Emissaries of the Fifth Ray?
  9. Is it possible for Archangel Michael to be my guardian angel?
  10. President Elect Obama? Is his election part of the elevation of the world’s consciousness?
  11. Gerald Pillay: I would appreciate a reading for my country of SOUTH AFRICA as it is going thru a difficult time right now. The political situation is very volatile and tense-there is very high crime, corruption and violence in schools in which young children are killing each other in violent acts-robbery and hijackings are daily and people are dying for their cell phones-a higher perspective will help. Thank you.
  12. There has been 500 earthquakes recorded at the North end of Yellowstone Lake Dec 27 to current. Is the magma changing magnectic direction? I journey to the Light City every morning and focus the Light packets to that area & use the tuning forks. Is this supporting the process to proceed with ease & grace? What else should be done?


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