Ask Archangel Michael Telecast – November 2009


  1. WE HAVE HAD A NUMBER OF QUESTIONS ABOUT 2012.AA Michael has addressed this question before; however, we will speak briefly about it, for many people are anxious and fearful of what is to come and it is important that we maintain the “right state of mind.”
  2. What are your thoughts, and those of the Archangels, on living with chronic pain? It seems that with all we have yet to do on this planet, pain is not a contributor to the journey.
  3. I saw a purple pyramid some distance above my head during a meditation a week ago. How can I go there to help the Earth?
  4. I transmit Adamantine Particles using the horizontal and vertical infinity 8. Should I also be using the binary infinity 8?
  5. Some of the techniques are recommended to practice only ONCE. These are the Seven Crystalline Spheres of Higher Consciousness, The Infinity Breath with Binary Sequencing, Diamond Core God Cell Meditation, Creating your Merkivah of Light, Sacred Heart-Adamantine Particles Meditation. If it is only needed Once, HOW BENEFICIAL IS IT TO DO IT MORE THAN ONCE??
  6. How do we know what is our Divine soul blue-print? Is it a matter of following our heart/feelings each moment?
  7. How do we fully engage our Higher Self? Is there an easier way to to detach from ego so that we may be able to observe all rather than becoming involved emotionally in dramas?
  8. How do I get confirmation when channeling that the message is from the Archangels? Do they each have specific symbols that represent them?
  9. It is true that at one point all masters and angels will step back and leave us to move forward through choices that we make?
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