Ask Archangel Michael Telecast – September 2008


  1. Where is the location of the city of light nearest to me?
  2. Can you provide some suggestions on how to deal with this charged sexual energy surge when we are currently in a conventional 3D relationship?
  3. General question regarding relocating to another geographical location
  4. I would like to learn more about reversing the aging process in our bodies. Re-growing any physical cells such as bones, limbs, hair etc.
  5. Will the world end in 2012?
  6. Is there a shift in the Earth’s grid occurring with this event? Is the energy shifting from Egypt to South America? Specifically where is the vortex shifting to?
  7. Is it REALLY possible to change the inherited DNA patterns we are born with? If so, how? What is the best way to make a full connection to my Higher Self? What is the next evolutionary step for us Humans?
  8. How can I know if I have cleared past karmic or ancestral energies that no longer serve my highest Good, and what else can I do to facilitate that, if still needed?
  9. I have read that many of us are experiencing our last lifetimes, and this had driven me to tears as I felt I am one of these souls. If this is so, will we be given the choice to reincarnate again once we go Home even if we have fulfilled our mission and have been blessed by God with the promise He/She had made in this lifetime?
  10. If it is allowable I’d like to know why I am here on the Earth. How can I connect with my High Self? Almost during 1.5 years I am feeling a pain in my breastbones and auricular ligaments. What should I do or should I simply suffer this pain?
  11. Could you tell us where our soul is located and what connection it has with our Sacred Heart, Sacred Mind and chakra system?
  12. What’s the difference between planetary and cosmic Ascension.
  13. When is the time for the ascension, I know it’s time for the preparation, but the actual ascension to other dimensions, do you know when is it?
  14. What is a Soul Fragment?


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