Ask Archangel Michael Telecast – September 2010



  1. I would like to cut the chords (at each chakra)from a negative individual from my past. Every time I do an exercise to remove the chords.
  2. There is so much material to choose from when Meditating, so how do I manage to do it all?
  3. The more I learn about ascension and it’s process, the more information I get about what I must be “doing” in order to get to where I am going. Is this all necessary and can we ask our guardians to do what is necessary for us to reach a place of ” being” rather than “doing?
  4. Tell us about the concept that, when faced with the moneychangers in the temple, Jesus emphasized that about what is received for free, is given free.
  5. Can trinities be formed with Souls of lineages other than Metatron, Michael & Melchizedek?
  6. Is it a problem to drink alcohol during this time of ascension period? Thank you for considering this question.
  7. What about the smokers? Will they be able to ascend only after they have left this habit behind??
  8. Is our Energetic Signature the same as our Soul Signature?
  9. What is the purpose or significance of Ascension Columns? Do we create them on earth in co-cooperation with Spirit and AAM, or do we just anchor them as they come down from the Cities of Light or the Universe?
  10. I see my friends who are aware and ask to be in their highest contract and desire to serve spirit in their highest good and yet they struggle with lack. Will this change and why does it have to be so hard.




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