Ask Archangel Michael Telecast – September 2013






Topics Covered:


  • Opening Comments
  • Mighty I AM Presence Meditation
  • What will happen to their loved ones who are not ready to step onto the path of Ascension during these accelerated times of evolution of humanity?
  • Today, many children are overwhelmed and depressed by the increasing pressures of school, competitive sports, diminishing opportunities for college admission and careers/jobs, and hearing the negativity of surrounding GMOs, war and the economy. How do we, as their parents, inspire them to focus on their inner spirit and find their soul’s path? Their parents need this help too!
  • I am wondering why it seems that every single relationship in my life has come up for review in the past 6 months? I have done my best to keep balanced and remain calm no matter how hurtful the words thrown at me or how ludicrous the accusations. I feel like I have been emptied beyond a point from which I will ever return whole, I am not sure that I can bear to hear any more of the hurtful words from my children (and I do realize that they come from my ex-husband, but my children are adults) . Thank you for listening.
  • I’ve been told that I am channeling some very powerful high frequency energy that I can use for healing others….. Is there a unique way for me to do this or just have the intention of sending this healing energy out to others?
  • Soul / SOUL-SELF * HIGHER-SELF * OVERSOUL (Archangel Michael now calls this facet of our Being, “Our Resident OverSoul/Higher Self * MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE * MONAD (Ancient term for I AM Presence). * CONSCIOUS MIND * UNCONSCIOUS MIND * SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND * SACRED MIND
  • What happens to people that will not give or modify their beliefs (organized Religion) in light of the changes that are coming? *** There are many religions on the planet and they really divide humanity. Christians claim the only way to live on is through Christ and all others will perish. Is this the belief of our Loving Creator? *** Will organized religion become open to your messages and the ascension process that has started, or will it die off because it refuses to “keep up with the times?”
  • I read in several of your books how vitally important the infinity breath is for ascension. For some reason, I find this technique extremely difficult, and unsatisfying! The breath is hard to direct, and doesn’t seem to want to go where I direct it! I know you will probably say, persevere, but will it be really hampering my progress if I don’t do this particular breathing?
  • Article: Love is a Natural State of Being
  • Affirmation: Power to Manifest
  • A Surprise for Ronna



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