Excerpt 3: Scripting Your Destiny

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We are being prepared for the Alpha and Omega phase of creation. The Alpha/Omega threshold will create a connection to and initiate the reunification process with our vaster oversoul self.

These are the energies that are activated as we come into balance/harmony and are functioning as Alpha Masters:

  • 1ST CHAKRA: Root * Passion for Life / Intuition / Attunement to Earth
  • 2ND CHAKRA: Navel/Sacral * Spirit-inspired desire and pranic(sacred breath)center
  • 3RD CHAKRA: Solar Plexus * Earthly Power Center
  • 4TH CHAKRA: Heart * Solar Power Center * Bridge to Upper Chakras
  • 5TH CHAKRA: Throat * Rod of Power/Tele-communication Center
  • 6TH CHAKRA: Third Eye * Focus / Inner Sight / Thought Projector
  • 7TH CHAKRA: Crown * Crown of Light / Connection to our Divinity


  • 1. ROOT / Base of Spine * Adrenal Gland
  • 2. SACRAL CENTER * Gonads / Sexual Organs
  • 3. SOLAR PLEXUS * Pancreas
  • 4. HEART * Thymus
  • 5. THROAT * Thyroid / Para-Thyroid
  • 6. THIRD EYE * Pituitary Gland
  • 7. CROWN / HEAD * Pineal Gland

**Attitude and intent are everything * Pure desire creates pure creations * What you focus on is what you give more energy and draw to you. You radiate and magnetize energy.

**First comes the awakening followed by: Awareness, Realization, Assimilation, Activation, Manifestation.

** We are being bombarded by new, higher light frequencies. We are receiving non-verbal information from our higher selves in the form of symbols or sacred geometric patterns, as well as packets of information that need to be down-loaded through our brain structure.

** It is important that we become clear receptacles for the light to flow into and through * As we fill ourselves with the Cosmic Creator light, we go through the process of refining and releasing any old energy that is not of the same vibration.

** What you are now is what you have thought and done in the past * What will be in the future is determined by what you think and do now.

** A state of empty alertness removes clutter from the mind. Stop and monitor what you are thinking about. If it is not positive, change it.

** You must be willing to step into and embrace the new you * You are changing each and every moment and will continue to do so at an accelerated rate in the future.

** Be willing to let go of what no longer works, and be daring enough to reach out and embrace the new gifts being offered to you * Healing/Revitalization is a natural process, and will be implemented and accelerated when we begin to listen to our body elemental and higher self.

** As the membranes of light dissolve from around the multiple strands of our DNA, our cells will be recalibrated and we will birth new levels of our core self, which will eventually manifest in our physical vessels, as the process of physical evolution speeds up. We are creating a new energy signature that is attuned to the multi-dimensional beings we are becoming.

** We are moving into new, uncharted territory. There are no road maps or guidelines for what we are now experiencing. We are stepping into a greater reality. We are ascending into a new, tighter spiral of evolution, which contains bands of higher vibrational energy, or a series of interconnected spirals and arcs which contain higher codes and geometric patterns of light. We are weaving a new reality where duality will be the balanced opposite but complementing facets of the creator.

** We are becoming meta-normal, which means that we are expanding in consciousness, abilities and awareness. Great potential is waiting to be accessed, brought forth and perfected. The core of every atom is pure spirit-energy waiting manifest in a multitude of forms. Evolution does not just happen. The evolutionary process is all about change: Letting go of the old ways and making way for the new, which challenges each of us and pushes us to the limit. Controlled stress is a major component of stepping out of your comfort zone into the unknown.

** As our bodies are infused with new jewels of consciousness, or crystalline light frequencies, we are gradually freed from the lower vibrational patterns of karma and we move into a state of divine grace. There is also what is called a collective soul advancement: As we are lifted, so is the Earth and all humanity.

** We are in the habit of personalizing all experiences. We must realize that it is not always “about us”, and learn to look at the bigger picture from a higher vantage point.

** As you ascend on the spiral of evolution, you will continually go through the process of stepping through a new door of higher frequencies (a plateau). You must then absorb, integrate and radiate that level of vibration before you move to another level. It is a never-ending process of spiritual growth/realization.



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