Excerpt 4: Scripting Your Destiny

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Becoming an Alpha Master enables you to harmonize the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which allows integrated thinking and awareness. Maintaining an Alpha level unlocks the deep unconscious and subconscious minds and allows us to transmute and change negative, limiting thought patterns that keep us from realizing out genius potential and our greatness.

  • Let go of the past * Set goals for the future * Live in the present.
  • Action is begun by thought * The controlling factor is thought.
  • You can control the chemical action of your body’s responses by your attitude toward any stimulus that causes stress.
  • Stress causes chemical reactions in your body, reactions that you have no control over once they have started.
  • A negative response or a “fight or flight” emotionally stressful response is initiated by a mental image of something you have been programmed to believe is threatening, or that you fear.
  • You become what you think.
  • Mental images are triggered by a stimulus. When a stimulus is associated with a thought, the thought becomes the action
  • Negatively programmed associated thoughts can be controlled by reprogramming.
  • Learning how to quickly move into and maintain an alpha state is the key to tapping into our inner wisdom, our higher self and to assist in connecting with our guides and angelic helpers.
  • When you visualize good health and wellness, you set in motion energies which influence the very cells in your body.
  • You, in effect, change whatever it is that caused the problem/discomfort/dis-ease in the first place.
  • You view the problem from the vantage point of a well-adjusted person which is quite different from that of a maladjusted person.
  • You also tap into your body elemental.
  • Soon, you will have it’s cooperation and assistance in reclaiming the healthy, vital, youthful body which was designed aeons ago before your first earthly incarnation (your Adam/Eve Kadmon light body).
  • First you will magnetically “lighten and perfect” your etheric body, which will gradually manifest in your physical body as well.


IMAGINATION, SENSITIVITY AND IMPRESSIONABILITY are three important factors in one’s ability to use METAVISION to attain and maintain an ALPHA STATE OF AWARENESS. An open mind, a good attitude and a willingness to practice the techniques as given are the pre-determining factors for your success in attaining your goals and becoming an ALPHA MASTER. When you effectively learn the process, you will find there is a wonderful feeling of peace and tranquility, a sense of well-being and clarity as you go about your daily tasks. You will feel more relaxed, you will be more focused and have more energy. Positive auto-suggestions are set while in a deeper Alpha state but executed and maintained while in a light ALPHA state though you will be fully conscious and awake. This proves to be one of the most effective ways to program what we want to be or have, and to release old/negative patterns, addictions and thought forms.

BY USING THE GIFT OF OUR PYRAMID OF LIGHT/POWER IN THE FIFTH DIMENSION, we add a powerful and effective element to our programming for the future. You must have a clear, detailed picture of what you wish to manifest. What is your true intent? You must align with your Higher Self and ask only for the highest outcome and the highest good for all. During the programming process while in your Pyramid, ask your Higher Self to show you any hidden blocks (guilt, fear, or other deeply embedded emotions) that are keeping you from attaining your goals.

Seeking out and changing old negative programming and false limitations will assist you in eliminating the blocks that keep you from successfully achieving that which you desire. Many limitations are instilled within our unconscious minds by criticism by an authority figure when we are young. Criticism creates limitations. We all have had experiences that created pain, guilt, shame and a sense of unworthiness. Some of these experiences keep us from living up to our fullest potential for we fear failure or criticism. We also have genetic fears. In the Bible it states that we will be visited (affected) by the sins of seven generations (paraphrased). What this means is that within our DNA we have imprints of ancestral and mass-consciousness beliefs which include fear, guilt, survival and worthiness issues. We also have fears that permeate our four lower bodily systems (physical, mental, emotional and etheric). It is possible to clear all the distorted beliefs, imbalances and programming that go back to our first incarnation, to begin with a clean, new slate, so to speak. Now that we are gaining a new expanded awareness and learning how the universal laws work, we have an opportunity to tap into our personal ‘God-power’, and create any kind of world we can envision.

We should view change as a learning experience and an opportunity to grow and expand our consciousness and our world. As you claim your mastery and you are more confident in the results you can create, you will find yourself not only looking forward to change but instigating it as well.




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