Fabienne Fooij

fabFabienne’s roots are in the southern part of the Netherlands. During her spiritual quest over the past years she feels privileged to have received initiations into various energy/healing modalities such as Magnified Healing, Prana Healing, Shamballa 13D, Munay Ki, Angel Light, Integrated Energy Therapy, and Oneness Deeksha. But it wasn’t until she got reacquainted with the teachings of Archangel Michael in 2007 that she had a feeling of coming home.

Fabienne has been a certified Quest For Mastery teacher since 2011, and in 2012, she was appointed a Level IV Master Teacher by Ronna and Randy, enabling her to certify others as QFM teachers. Fabienne’s mission is to spread the word of Archangel Michael’s teachings as much as possible in as many countries as possible, live and via the internet. She is also working on making the teachings available in a format that will appeal to children. Being of Archangel Gabriel’s lineage, spreading the word should not be a problem 😉

You can contact Fabienne via the contact form on her website www.the-chalice.com