Randy Monk


Atlanta_RandyRandall Monk has been studying self-improvement, metaphysics and spirituality since the early 1970’s. He is the creator of Becoming an Alpha Master, an audio program containing Archangel Michael’s teachings as given through Ronna Herman, some of which are sacred breathing techniques and meditations. Randy worked closely with Ronna during the development of the Becoming an Alpha Master program and sees his involvement in the Quest for Mastery school www.QuestForMastery.org as a continuation of that relationship.

Randy Monk first experienced Ronna Herman delivering Archangel Michael’s message during the 1997 Wesak Celebration at Mt. Shasta, California and has been following Archangel Michael’s teachings through Ronna ever since.


He is a messenger for Lord Melchizedek and published his first book Life Mastery Tools for The Age of Ascension in 2009, which provides tools for people to discover their purpose, manage life’s challenges and manifest their dreams.


Randy works closely with Ronna Herman presenting Archangel Michael’s teachings via the internet and live seminars.


Randy’s website is www.TimelyGuidance.com
You can email Randy – randy@timelyguidance.com