ronnaRonna is internationally known as a messenger for Archangel Michael. His messages of hope and inspiration through Ronna have been featured in hundreds of New Age and spiritual publications around the world, and translated in most major languages. AA Michael refers to her as a Cosmic Telepath, rather than a “channel” since there is an interactive relationship and communication between himself and Ronna.

A retired business executive and real estate broker, Ronna provides a common sense approach to metaphysics. Her spiritual search began in 1970, and after much intense study and training, she began a second career as a spiritual teacher and counselor. In 1994 she founded *STAR*QUEST* (, which has rapidly expanded over the years into worldwide recognition.

Ronna has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows, and has lectured twice at the United Nations UNSRC Enlightenment Society in New York, and at the United Nations Vienna International Centre in Austria. She presents seminars throughout the United States and around the world, touching peoples’ hearts and connecting them with their Higher Self. Those who attend her powerful seminars receive valuable tools that will assist them to progress to the next level of their spiritual awareness.

Ronna has published nine books: five books of messages from Archangel Michael, On Wings of Light, The Golden Promise, Your Sacred Quest, Let There Be Light and Revealed Truths for the New Age. Scripting Your Destiny is a study manual/workbook for AA Michael’s teaching and encompasses his most important teachings, meditations, and techniques. Many of her books are published in foreign languages as well as English: French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese and Bulgarian.

Ronna sells thousands of her books to people all over the world via her web site: and at her seminars, and they are also available at local bookstores and

Ronna has also written a trilogy of six stories that she calls “metafiction”. The stories in Once Upon A New World are based, in part, on glimpses and remembrances of some of her past lives and some of her current incarnation experiences. The love/adventure stories in Once Upon A New World entertain the reader while teaching the universal laws of how to create joy, love, peace and abundance in our lives. It is also available in trade size paperback on Ronna’s website.

Ronna  enjoys excellent health and vitality. She works an average of 7 to 8 hours a day, six days a week in her home office. She also travels extensively throughout the U.S. , Europe and Japan holding seminars and book signing events. She is a living example of what she teaches: Integrate the subconscious, conscious and superconscious minds to heal the physical, emotional and mental bodies and partner with Spirit to become a cocreator of love, abundance, peace and joy. Ronna lives, demonstrates and personifies what she teaches. One of her seminars was appropriately entitled, “WALK YOUR TALK AND FLY YOUR VISION”.

Ronna’s extensive corporate background helped prepare her for her second career as a inspirational teacher/lecturer and author. She teaches the basic principals of spirituality: respect yourself and others; treat others as you wish to be treated; visualization plus focused thought, energized emotions and right action equals the creation of joy, peace and an abundant life. She also teaches sacred breathing and toning techniques, as well as the Seven Steps to Mastery. An international teaching course entitled, Quest For Mastery, is in the formulation stages and will be presented at select locations around the world beginning in Feb. 2007. Thousands of people have said her books and seminars have changed their lives for the better.

To contact Ronna, write: *STAR*QUEST* 6005 Clear Creek Drive, Reno, NV 89502 USA * Phone/fax: 775-856-3654 * E-mail: * Web Site: *