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Beloved Angel and Star Friends,

I offer this gift to you from my heart to yours, and I ask you to recommend this wonderful study manual to any of your friends as Spirit guides you to do so. Much of this information has been given before by numerous others, but my mind and fingers were guided by Archangel Michael’s loving energy and wisdom. He tells me it is so important that we know and can identify the many facets of cosmic energy that make up who we are, our strengths and weaknesses and how to bring ourselves into harmony and attunement with our highest expression of “Self”. We carry each Ray’s energies within us in some combination of varying degrees which, in part, helps to make us the unique human/Spiritual Beings we are.

Since Lord Michael first inspired me to compile the I AM MASTERY COURSE in 1998, I have taught the lessons to hundreds of people, and hundreds more around the world have either studied the lessons or taught the material to others. The complete course sold for $55 U.S., so you are getting quite a bargain in this book as it contains all of the important material that Michael has given us over the past several years. If you will read and put into practice only a small portion of this material, I promise you, it will forever change your life for the better.

I know that our beloved friend, Lord Michael, will continue to bring forth more loving inspiration and wisdom for us to share. Until then, know that you are forever in my heart and in my beautiful pyramid of Light in the rarified higher planes.

My deepest love and blessings, RONNA


Click here to download a PDF version of Ronna’s message and Scripting Your Destiny Excerpts


3 Responses to “Message from Ronna”

  1. Thank you Ronna for sending messages from Lord Michale it really helps me to see where i am at in my journey in life.

  2. Truly, Scripting Your Destiny is a magnificent spiritual guide.

    From the time I First saw it on a friend’s coffee table, I was hooked and couldn’t put it down. I like to read from it before bed and then have clearing dreams.

    The teachings are simple and easy to apply. They are also in depth to help unravel the mysteries of the dark spots we all carry inside – and transform them into light.

    Thank you, Ronna, for following your star and putting forth all this divine wisdom to help us all.

    I appreciate it – and you – very much.




  3. I met Ronna last summer in Sedona and I have been reading all of her books and connecting with AA Michael. I want to thNk you for your dedication and love for humanity that has helped propel you forward. I hope to make it to Reno soon:)

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