New Mexico, USA

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Lara Felson: I have been teaching the work in Santa Fe NM for 2 years now. It has changed my life and many who have attended my workshops. Having been a seeker all of my life, it is in connecting with Archangel Michael and this work that has kept me on track and moving in the right direction. Michael helped me when I was 17, after breaking my neck after diving into a lake in Minnesota late at night. Michael came to me while I was laying on the bottom of the lake and gave me the choice to live or die. After choosing to live, he miraculously helped me to emerge from the lake, even though I had lost the ability to use my upper body due to a C-5 fracture. Though I sought out many teachers over the years and studied with many amazing spiritual masters, it wasn’t until I found this work that my life purpose emerged. Teaching has helped me to learn, connect and grow, and I am immensely satisfied to teach. I am currently in the process of becoming a Licensed Practitioner at the Everyday Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Fe, and teach my classes there.

I can be reached at or 505-466-6244.




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  1. Shanna MacLean says:

    I live in Santa Fe and would like to talk to you about Ronna’s work with AA Michael. 479 981 2794
    Love, ShannaPra

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