SPECIAL Ask Archangel Michael Telecast – April 2011


  • How do we deal with negative people?
  • Is there some place like a forum where we can share our experiences?
  • John Gourlie’s experience in the World Server Pyramid
  • Meditation * Special group pyramid so that those who wish to join us but cannot come to the seminar in Atlanta, so they can participate in the event.

We are in the process of reuniting with our Soul families, and we are joining with some of those who form our Trinity Soul units of three, nine, twelve, twenty-four and 144. Some of these Soul groups are now forming in the physical; however, many of them will be formed within the World Server Pyramid and may never meet on the material plane; however, these reunions and joint missions will be just as powerful and meaningful as the ones formed in person.


  • Questions answered in a general manner rather than each question individually


  • Archangel Michael’s Message


  • Guidelines for Creating Abundance



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