SPECIAL Ask Archangel Michael Telecast December 2012

Ask Archangel Michael Telecast December 1, 2012





DECEMBER 1, 2012

Topics Covered:

  • We received a lot of questions, many of them having to do with the 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 dates. We will discuss some of them briefly; however, we have so many other questions we wish to answer, we cannot devote a lot of time to them. Our 12-12-12 webinar will focus what is happening now and what we expect to occur in the near future.


  • If someone is in prison because of robbing a bank with no weapon. She is a very loving person just misguided. Will she be able to ascend with earth on 12-21-12? What will happen to her?


  • We all need help from time to time. How does one know when it is one’s task to help another person, and when should one step back and let them take responsibility for their own life?


  • Can you tell me where & what I do while I’m sleeping?


  • I have been having some unusual and serious health issues going on for several months and I am usually very healthy. Can you comment on how our bodies are evolving with the ascension and what we should look for and maybe prepare for?


  • There are children in crippling family karmic conditions who are who are too young to cut the strong etheric cords and stop the cycle. Are we permitted to help when our intentions are for the highest good?


  • Please tell us what will happen to the people who are not ready to ascend during this round of ascension?


  • I would like to know what or when the 3 days of darkness is and what can we do to make the best of it.


  • Archangel Michael’s Message


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