Hello Ronna! I want to thank you for the live streaming event last Saturday and Sunday. It was very good to get a reminder of how to use the technique´s most effectively. It was also fantastic to sit in my home and watch you and Randy (almost on the other side of the Earth) talking and knowing that I was participating although I was not there physically! I am so grateful that you made that possible for me and everyone else who was watching.

Much Love and gratitude, M.K.

PS. You looked great, so healthy and strong, can´t believe that you are 84 years old! You are living evidence that the tools AA Michael has given us really work!



Randy, I truly enjoyed the AA Michael Wisdom teaching, especially the last one. It seems to have made quite an impression upon me and I have been clearing even more old energy than before. I also would like to tell you [how] wonderful the Becoming an Alpha Master sound files are. I have listened to all the meditations. It is truly a valuable tool. I have a CD of the toning and listen to it on the way to work on a clear stretch of I-80.

Thanks for all that you do. It has made quite a difference in my life.

Peaceful Blessings, W.Z.



Hello, Ronna. I wanted to take some time to write and tell you what a phenomenal weekend the “Opening to Channel” workshop was. It was so completely transformative and full of Love that I am finding that words cannot cover the feeling I have or what occurred. I cannot fathom ever attending another workshop that will even come close to the experience that this one was. Even my husband, who did not attend the workshop but was in Reno with me, was completely transformed! (It took a while for me to get to write this email because we went from Reno to Southern California for a vacation. Now we are back to ‘reality.’ Your team (yourself, Cindy, Brenda, and Randy) are so loving and full of laughter that it is as though we are visiting family. In fact, that is exactly what I was doing. To all of your credit, I have yet to attend a workshop that was as well-prepared and thought out. When Michael led you to shift into another activity, I was amazed that the slides and documents were right there and ready to go.




Dear Ronna, For about eleven years I have had the sacred connection with the website Global meditation and with your lovely channeled messages from AA Michael. Thank you dearest Ronna for your pure Love through out the years and for your true I AM presence – stunning and beautiful. It is with great love and gratitude, I now also connect with the web telecasts with you and Randy are presenting. Thank you deeply for all these sessions and guidances in the name of the Divine over the past. I am looking forward to continue and follow the coming connections with you and the Angelic Realms and to be the carrier of the brightest Light we are blessed to live and sing out loud with our true Essence. Since the first day I was guided to your spirit flame and our beloved AA Michael, I am forever grateful that you two are in my life, have enriched it tremendously and giving me meaning, trust, hope and to feel unity, when my path has been a struggle.

Blessings and my deep thank to You, AA Michael and Randy, from the bottom of my heart.

With Grace and deep Love, K. N. Sweden



Dear Ronna, I’m blessing you for a job you do, and we are so blessed to have Archangel Michael guiding and protecting us. I am Polish (60 yrs old) living in Sydney Australia, and I am so happy that we have our polish translator who is voluntarily translating Archangel Michael’s messages for all of those who speak the Polish language. Ronna, your Polish followers are spread everywhere around the world, waiting every month for guidance. We are embracing you with LOVE and LIGHT

My great respect for you, J.F. Sydney



Dear Ronna, I want to thank you for bringing forth Archangel Michael’s beautiful, timely and loving messages. They serve as a beacon of light for us, as we attempt to balance our human lives with our spiritual growth and awakening. Your recent message was particularly timely for me and has given me the impetus to stay the course and walk the talk. It’s like a wake-up call for what I already knew in my heart and will serve as a clear guideline for living my Earth life. I really like the part in the message about us “leaving footprints of light”! Ronna, thank you also for all that you continue to do for all of us and for the world. Thank you for your light-filled work and your light-filled beingness! You are so loved and very much appreciated!

Love and blessings, J.



Hello, I just wanted to thank you for distributing the information channeled to you by Archangel Michael. It was posted on the Philosophy and Metaphysics forum of Above Top Secret, which is where I encountered it. It is exactly what I needed to read to make some sense of what has been going on in my life over the past years. It has given me strength, dedication and direction, all sorely needed. Thank you again.

Love and peace, J.



Hi Ronna, I have been reading, periodically, your messages from Michael. Very inspiring and uplifting, and always good to know and be reassured of our True Identity. I have been working lately on maintaining equanimity in all situations and your channelings have been helpful. Thank You for doing this work and being a clear conduit for the Higher Realms. I have made that my goal, to attain union with the Higher Realms, and will need to work very hard to get there. But we all can, because we are all already there. Then it makes me realize that this is all a Dream, so the Only Thing in the Universe, and all the cosmos, is the Love that Michael carries. He, among other heavenly heroes, are full of a lot of Love, thank God, and are all helping us along the way back to That Love. So, we might as well make it a good dream, full of goodness and Love/Peace/,etc… So I just wanted to thank you for making the messages available to anyone who wishes to hear them.

Thank You, Peace, T.F.