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Magda Cermelli

Magda Cermelli is a professional translator, Master Reiki, astrologer, certified PEAT practitioner, certified QFM teacher and resides in the countryside of Torino (Italy). Her interest in metaphysics started in early childhood, at her father’s death. Since then she has been wondering about the mystery of life and death and this brought her to search for information and guidance. She has been attracted by Archangel Michael’s wisdom teachings and since 2004 has been collaborating with Ronna Herman for the translation of Lord Michael’s monthly messages. She offers Archangel Michael’s wisdom teachings and techniques through classes and group meditations. She is also collaborating with other American Authors such as Steve Rother, Suzanne Ward, etc. For more information please visit her website You can e-mail Magda at





I am PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher and Quantum Metaphysics and Mind Science Teacher.

A special place in my Heart is devoted to make all Italian language people aware of AA Michael’s wisdom teachings to develop Self Mastery and Ascension. I am teaching in Italy and Switzerland.

Sono Facilitatore PSYCH-K®, Reiki Master Teacher ed insegno Metafisica Quantistica e Scienza della Mente nell’ambito di corsi e seminari. La mia Mission è insegnare i metodi più efficaci per raggiungere il benessere totale e vivere una vita all’insegna di pace, gioia, salute perfetta, abbondanza e armonia. Dal 2015 insegno anche la metafisica della Quest for Mastery School per la Maestria del Sé e l’Ascensione. Insegno in Italia e Svizzera Italiana. oppure

Lorena Donatella Maglione

Genoa, Italy

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