Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

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Hi, my name is Lynn and I started out on a spiritual path in the summer of 1970 and yet I feel like I’m just starting out. I had been reading AA Michael’s Messages through Ronna Herman, since about 2004, and shared them with friends. During a personal disaster AA Michael answered a prayer, and from then on my PASSION grew. I was led to Randy Monk’s Becoming An Alpha Master, and the Quest For Mastery Program, I AM now in the 2nd Level of Archangel Michael’s Wisdom Teachings and completed Ronna’s Phase One of Opening to Channel. This is awesome, I sometimes just can’t find the words to say how grateful I AM, for the Teachings that AA Michael has gifted His Sacred Scribe Ronna Herman to be made available to everyone and to become one of Michael’s Teachers. Love and Blessings, Lynn. You may contact Lynn @




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