Wagin, Western Australia

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Kathleen Kaplin

Kathleen Kaplin resides on a farm in Western Australia with her husband Wayne, two dogs and lots of alpacas. She has had a connection with Archangel Michael since early childhood. She has spent many years looking into various energy healing modalities and has also been closely involved with a 12 step program treating addictions. Her passion is with the Mineral Kingdom and Mother Gaia. She designs very special sacred pieces of jewellery. The designs come through meditation and then each hand selected stone informs her which piece it is to be assigned to. Through her jewellery she is helping form a planetary grid which will assist in the shifting of humanity’s consciousness. She is a certified QFM1 Teacher and can be contacted through her website www.gaiagems.com.au





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  1. Hi Kathleen,

    I just wanted to stop in and say Hi. I’ve just stumbled across the Star Quest and was directed to you as a QM Teacher locally in australia.

    I’ve just enrolled on the website and asked for information to read up on studies/workshop. Looking forward to reading and learning lots.

    Please let me know when and if you would be likely to venture to Melbourne would love to stop in and say hi.

    kindest regards

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